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Do you have such troubles?
I worry about our equipment maintenance because the number of specialists have been decreasing.
Prefer to visualize facility conditions with monitoring system but the price is too high.
It would be nice if I could check device before installing with machine.
Solving problems by using e-FUJIYAMA

You can detect the troubles beforehand by monitoring the temperature and vibration through wireless

It is the monitoring system with reasonable price


Can you detect the troubles beforehand from temperature and vibration?

e-FUJIYAMA was based on the digital concept which is changing the way people check machine by listening and touching by themselves. You just monitor the temperature and vibration, then you can detect problems of machine.
Of course, it does not mean that all the problems can be covered by these 2 elements, but you can detect other problems more.


How can it monitor the machine with a reasonable price?

e-FUJIYAMA is the product that change the demand to be true. It is the specialized system in monitoring temperature and vibration, so that it can be provided with reasonable price. Actually, it was produced from the demand that prefer to monitor the machine that have many motors with good price.


Can you monitor machine from your office?

e-FUJIYAMA is the system that can easily visualize the machine. Just have a PC, a LAN cable, a parent device and a child device, you can begin to monitor the machine anywhere and anytime.

1System configuration of e-FUJIYAMA

Sensors of child device measure temperature and vibration, and its collected data is transmitted to parent device by using 920MHz wireless.
If only you connect parent device to PC via LAN cable, you can see the collected data on PC.

System configuration of e-FUJIYAMA

2Basic software

Basic software included in this system can display the trend graph based on collected data. This graph enables trend monitoring and help you find out troubles before the equipment is damaged. Moreover, you can understand the effect of grease up and overhaul by comparing before and after values in this graph.
Also you can set the alarm threshold by yourself and alarm can be checked by screen and sound when the measurement value exceeds the threshold.

e-Fujiyama BasicSoftware

*The actual screen is a graph only display.

Optional software

Basic software included e-FUJIYAMA provides all necessary and sufficient functions, but we have optional software also. It is easy-to-use and easy-to-understand software for those who are not engaged in maintenance work. As it has the auto-backup function, it is very useful when you install child device over 20units.

Linking with factory and equipment drawings makes it easy to identify the location of the anomaly.
Location of the abnormality
It is possible to link to the equipment photo and past repair report.
Input comments in the graph

Specification of e-FUJIYAMA

Parent device
Input power supply AC 100-240V
Wireless communication 920MHz low power radio(13 channel)
Measurement cycle 3min cycle:30pcs, 10min:100pcs, 60min:600pcs
Communication range*1 Indoor=100m, Outdoor 1km
Maximum number of child device 3min cycle:30pcs, 10min:100pcs, 60min:600pcs
Maximum number of parent device*2 20pcs/pc(child device:12,000pcs/pc)
Installation environment*3 about 0℃ to 40℃
External dimensions 129 x 138 x 32mm (except for antenna)
Weight 250g(except for adaptor)
Recommended monitoring PC specification
OS Windows 10,8,7(32bit,64bit)
RAM 4GB or higher
HD free space 250GB or higher
Child device (Sensor Box)
Power supply D alkali battery x 2pcs
Wireless communication*4 920MHz low power radio
Battery replacement cycle 3 years in case 3min measuring cycle (approx)
Installation environment*3 about 0℃ to 40℃ (water-proof)
External dimensions 108mm x178mm x74mm
Weight 650g (including D battery)
Child device (Sensor part)
Sensor Temperature sensor x2, 3-axis acceleration sensor x2,IC type temperature sensor/ MEMS, IC type 3-axis acceleration sensor 2units
Cable 5m(Standard)x2,(Heat & Oil proof)
Outside dimension 22mm x46mm x22mm including M6 screw & Neodymium magnet
Installation environment*3 about -40℃ to 105℃
Child device (Temperature sensor part)
Measurement range -40℃~105℃
Child device (Acceleration sensor part)
Frequency band X,Y axis =2.7KHz, Z axis= 600Hz
Measurement range -16 to 16G
Measurement value Peak, RMS Crest factor
*1   Line of Sight. It depends on surrounding environment.
*2  In case each parent device is installed closely, maximum number will be 7units (parent device), 4,200units (child device)
*3  Away from corrosive or gases area
*4  Please set the channel to prevent frequency interference with other systems.

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Q1.Doesn’t 920MHz wireless interfere with other systems?

A.There are still not many devices which use 920MHz wireless but it may increase in the future.
If you properly setup the channel, you can prevent frequency interference with other systems.

Q2. How much is the storage capacity of e-FUJIYAMA?

A.In case measurement cycle is set up every 3 minutes, parent device can store 30days worth of data.
If the data is accumulated more than 30days, data is deleted from the oldest.
Since you can save the collected data in CSV format, we recommend that you save the data in CSV regularly. Also optional software has the auto-backup function which store 5years worth of data.

Q3.How long will the battery of child device last?
How to check the battery remaining amount?

A.Battery life is 3years if the measurement cycle is every 3minutes. If measurement cycle is set longer than 3min, battery life become longer than 3years.
Also you can check the battery remaining amount by screen and alarm, which is included as a standard feature in basic software.
*Battery life may be affected by temperature difference.

Q4.Can e-FUJIYAMA make detailed diagnosis?

A.e-FUJIYAMA cannot make a detailed diagnosis but trend monitoring is possible by measuring acceleration data.
By monitoring long-term trends of the acceleration data, you can detect abnormalities of the equipment.

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