Current Status

Company NameSAKURAI CO., LTD.
Head OfficeICHIGO-IKENOHATA BLDG.1-2-18, Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 110-0008
EstablishedSeptember 15, 1899
Capital120million Yen
Number of Employee155 (Male: 133, Female: 22)
  • Dustless paper products for clean room use such as PPC, notebooks, labels, computer forms and customized insertion paper.
  • Films for clean room use such as bar code labels and heat-resistant labels.
  • Other clean room supplies such as wiper, swab, shoes and gloves.
  • Films for industrial use such as diffusion film.
  • Paper and films for printing by full color ink jet printers and for application of outdoor sign & indoor display including customized wallpaper.
  • Outdoor and indoor sign materials such as CAL for cutting plotter, laminate film and floor & window decoration materials.
  • LED for channel letter and other signage.
  • Drafting paper and film.
  • Paper and films for printing by CAD ink jet plotters and wide format copiers.
  • Wide format full color printer system.
  • CAD plotter system.
  • Cutting plotter system.
*As of June, 21, 2019.


September 1899Established as Sakurai Daijiro Store,"Star Business Card".
Year 1920Started manufacturing sensitizing paper.
Year 1922Imported a continuous high performance coater machine from Germany, and started mass production of sensitizing paper.
Year 1931Succeeded to manufacture diazo paper and started marketing under the brand name of Diado Diazo Paper.
Year 1935Received technology transfer from Grinten Co., Ltd in Holand, developed wetdiazo paper and started manufacturing of Star Drafting Paper.
September 1949Re-established as Osaka Sakurai Co., Ltd.
April 1967Moved head office to Tokyo.
April 1969Changed company name to Sakurai Co., Ltd.
September 1970Started to sell film with adhesive product and participated in out-door signage market.
July 1976Sanyo Kokusaku Pulp Co., Ltd. (currently Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.) became a major share holder of Sakurai Co., Ltd.
April 1982Started to sell Staclean. (dust-free paper)
October 1983Started to sell materials for printing and plating.
August 1999Established West Logistic Center.
September 1999Celebrated 100th anniversary.
October 1999Established East Logistic Center.
July 2002Enacted an environmental policy.
January 2003Obtained ISO 14001 Certification. (Head office)
August 2005Moved a head office to Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo.
July 2013Switched to divisional organization. (JO Dept. SG Dept. IM Dept.)
November 2016Sakurai home page has been redesigned, and smartphone also can be accepted.
January 2018Returned ISO 14001 Certification. (Head office)
February 2019East Logistic Center Moved.