Dust free Cleanroom Paper


Staclean paper can be used for cleanroom area and recycled as well ordinary papaer. Seven colors and some kinds of thickness can be available.

Anti-Static Products

Anti-static products can be used for all production process and solved ESD issue.

Special-Order Products

Staclean labels can be used for cleanroom area and made of clean paper.

Clean Packaging Material (Paper)

Staclean NB paper, which is controlled almost Ph 7.0, can be used for protect purpose which is called Spacer or Inter-leaf paper. For example, it is protected for Metal sheets, Lead-frame, Wafer, PCB and so on.

Conductive Tapper Case / Cushion

High quality performance can be expected for shipping & storage purpose.

Clean Packaging Material (Film)

Clean packaging products are used for shipping purpose, and those products has a high quality performance.

Products Related to Printed Circuit Board

Clean rollers are used for PCB process, and the cleaning roller & clean tape, which can be used for drill process.

Clean-room Supply (Wiper)

Many kinds of clean wipers can be available. (Polyester & Non-wooven wipers)

Film for Manufacturing Process-PROCESTA Series

PROCESTA films can be used for many kinds of customers. For example, Semiconductor, LCD, PCB manufacture and so on.

Anti-rust film

It is anti-rust film innovative to prevent corrosion metal, rubber, resin, or the like without the use of anti-rust oil.

Clean-room Supply UV Irradiator

Convenience products and machines can be used for clean room area.

LEDUAL (LED Fluorescent Lamp) UV Irradiator

Optical fluorescent lamp (LED) in an environment that is used for a photoresist process.

Heat-Resistant Label

Heat-resistant label that can withstand severe environment.

Non-Silicone Label

Our silicone free labels do not contain silicone and the base material & liner paper are made of clean paper.

Resist-Alcohol Thermal Label

The heat sensitive label has dramatically improved resistance to alcohol performance by applying special water‐repellent layer on the surface coating.

Security Label

To prevent counterfeiting,falsification and illegal acts.